Step 1: 


Let’s start with your color scheme! After you order your POPSCAPE, you’ll receive an email asking for your customization information. For colors, you can tell me three of your favorite colors, or you can simply give me a palette like neutrals, pastels or black-and-white. If this is a gift, think about colors you see in their house or clothes they wear or even team/school colors. Have fun with the gajillion colors in the universe!!!


STEP 2:  


These could be your desires or wishes for yourself or someone else. Or words that inspire you or remind you of a goal you have set for yourself. Get creative! Maybe it’s your favorite author’s last name or a family member you’re honoring or a brand you love. If it’s a gift, they could be words that remind you of a special vacation you took together, inspirational words that remind you of them or words they use a lot.


STEP 3:  

So hard to choose only three, right, but let’s try! What really, really speaks to your soul? Have you had any lifelong loves or have a signature style you always wear? Think hobbies, passions, fashion, makeup, teams, spiritual objects, breeds of animals you adore, places you aspire to visit or have lived… Choose the three that really sum up the theme of this POPSCAPE (you can always create another with a different theme!!). Again, if it’s a gift, think about three things that remind you of them or choose three things you absolutely know they love.


STEP 4:  


What name do you want on your POPSCAPE? After all the 9 soul ingredients are collaged onto the background, I paint the hair and add bits of non-toxic acrylic paint onto the eyes and mouth. This is what I call the Blessing On Top!! The final step is glueing down the name onto the nose. I add it there as a reminder to let your soul breathe and guide you. Plus it looks super cute there!



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